Not for Kids: Strategic Ways to Keep Your Children Away From Phone Addiction


As observed in these days, smartphones have entirely revolutionized the way of communication. The internet, instant messaging, smartphones, and a bunch of apps have taken the whole world in its grip. More so, people, regardless of their age, started to value this technology more than the time for their family and friends.

The fact is, the most affected portion of the community is the younger generation which is becoming a victim of smartphone obsession. Still, parents in this digital period have a vital role to play towards controlling the number of hours their children consume on phones. On that note, here are some strategic ways to bring your kids away from phone addiction.

Restrict Unnecessary Usage

As smartphones are being an integral part of our daily lives, it’s hard to keep them away from little ones. Sooner or later, your kid may get hooked on them.

Consequently, it is essential to make your children understand that they can use the phone, but only for a short period. Also, restrain the use of them during bedtime, mealtimes, or study hours.

Get Them Learned

Admittedly, children have delicate minds. They can be swayed away easily by whatever they see on smartphones. Thus, making your kids aware of the mental and health hazards of too much use of phones can produce excellent results.

To do so, read out to them newspaper articles that give information concerning the same manner and make sure to be detailed in your descriptions.

Engage Them Outside

To beat the smartphone addiction of your child, you need to show them that life is more fun outside the digital world. Take them outside for exercising, walking, or making new friends.

You have to make them understand that bonding time with the family or friends is more important than wasting time on a smartphone. Advise your children that playing a virtual application on a smartphone is not beneficial; instead, they can gain profit by playing for example, with the basketball set from Deal Wiki with their friends outside.

Have a Family Bonding

Though most parents have hectic lives, it is essential to take time for a family bonding with children.

In such case, playing board games or involving your child with you in household activities such as gardening or cooking will keep them away from using smartphones. More so, you can encourage your children in pursuing their hobbies such as painting, reading, or listening to music.

Be a Role Model

There are a lot of parents who consume a lot of time on their phones. In such cases, advising children may not be as effective, as they tend to follow in their parents’ habits.

Therefore, you have to be a good role model towards your child by limiting the usage of your phone. But if your profession requires using phones a lot, consider doing it away from your child’s eyes.


It’s undeniable that the technological age has helped us move forward to future. However, while it seems like a blessing, it can also be a curse.

Admittedly, it makes our lives easier in various ways, but we have also become entirely dependent on it. The worse is, the younger ones are affected that they become attached to this technology. So while they’re young, teach them well and guide them about the proper usage of smartphones.

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