6 Things to Keep in Mind : Prepare Your Car for fall

Driving safely during fall months need more than just cautious driving behavior. Some fair-share of responsibility goes to your car as well. As the summer fades and fall begins, start preparing your car for colder weather that’s comparatively more hazardous.

It’s imperative to ensure that your car is in tip-top shape before snow and ice start to accumulate on roadways. In that case, you are supposed to keep in mind these 6 things to ensure that your ride is ready to get you through winter. So let’s dive in

Coat of Wax

Undoubtedly, the road salt plays a vital role in keeping roads safe in the winter months. But, it can also ruin the exterior of your car. In that case, you can try using a good coat of wax as it ensures the protection of your car’s exterior. Concentrate on the lower parts of your vehicle like quarter panels and behind the wheels.

Get the hoses, belts and fluids Inspected

Winter is often quite brutal on the vehicles. In case you have a cracked hose or worn belt, the frigid belt is most likely to be a final blow. So just make sure to have your belts and hoses checked from the mechanic on a pleasant fall day.

Get under-the-hood Inspected

Look under the hood as it will allow you to identify any signs of wear that need fixing. Check out all the leaks, cracks or loose clamps, in case you find any, in the cooling system. Furthermore, don’t forget to squeeze the hoses and get some of those replaced in case they get spongy or brittle. Make sure to check the underside of drive belts and replace as required.

Repair paint blemishes

For those of your living in northern areas, it’s necessary for you to repair little scratches before coming winter. Experts confirmed that paint blemishes, if not repaired on time, can make your car appear worn alongside forming rust and corrosion. So just ensure to get these imperfections fixed before things start to get worse.

Check Tires

Don’t compromise on the quality just because you get some at low car tyre prices. In fact, the car tires are supposed to be at their best in the winter season. Therefore, make sure that you get them checked before the bad weather suddenly appears. Tire Tread Depth has to be as per the recommendations, don’t take chances in frosty weather.

Emergency Kit

Just ensure to jot down a few notes about the items you might need in case of the winter emergency. Purchase all the required items and store them in your car. Don’t compromise with the emergency kit of your car; you never know what the road holds for you. Be Positive, but stay well-equipped too. Here’re a few items that have been recommended by The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence:

  • Cellphone and an extra charger
  • “High-energy” snacks
  • Extra gloves
  • Shovel and a container of sand
  • Tire chains
  • Flashlight
  • Boots and blankets
  • Flares


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