5 Must Learn Kitchen Designing Principles

When it’s about home renovation, people either do it for having a pleasant space to live or just to increase the home value. Even if you aren’t financially stable enough or simply not willing to spend huge amount on the entire house remodeling, you can get your way to the higher ROI with the certain home improvements. May odds be ever in your favor, but you can’t go wrong with a kitchen remodeling as it’s the heart of your home.

Before hopping into colors and theme, it’s essential to check out some design principles that actually turn up into functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen space. These principles can be implemented on all whether it’s wooden or aluminum kitchen designs. So let’s discuss this further;

Work Triangle
This one’s particularly a triangle made by the range, sink and the refrigerator. This design has to be compact enough so that it allows effective and convenient circulation for the one who’s cooking. Likewise it’s also imperative for the design to be generous enough so that it’s doesn’t get congested for 2 people. Moreover, whether wooden or aluminum kitchen designs you are up to, these must not intersect with the kitchen island or countertops and etc. With regards to this, the thumb rule says that the sum of the 3 sides of the work triangle should neither be less than 15′ nor be greater than 25′.

Entertaining Areas
Like Seriously! Do we need the gather or entertaining areas in the kitchen? Yes we do. In fact, it’s important to have a space for the family or guest to at least nibble on desserts. I am particularly of the opinion that kitchen happens to be the best gossip-hub for women and they really enjoy that time when they cook while keeping up with their chit-chat. Therefore, having some extra space, apart from the ones of chef, is imperative for the ideal aluminum kitchen designs. It’s highly essential for the entertaining areas to be entirely independent of the work triangle.

Sink, Trash and Dishwasher
You might have noticed this or not, but there happens to be a important linear relationship between your sink, trash and dishwasher. Therefore, the kitchen design must take the sequence of the meal cleanup into consideration as the functionality would turn up really convenient. In fact, most of the households first clear, rinse and let the dishwasher look after all the dishes. Therefore, the perfect options to head on with would be to go for the kitchen design that locates the trash, sink and dishwasher in the linear order. It would simply be great if the trash is closer.

Ergonomics plus Cooking
Rewarding yourself with a perfect ambiance to cook a delicious food is what matters the most. IF the messy kitchen structures were good enough, the kitchen design industry wouldn’t have been doing astoundingly well. This might leave you flabbergasted for a while but even nowadays there are people who are still good with having their kitchen stocked with enough groceries but often overlook the design. For sure, the groceries piled up over the worktops won’t work really well. Instead, it would simply be great if the refrigerator or even the pantry is installed right next to the kitchen entrance. Consequently, it will ensure the smooth functionality of your kitchen.

If you implement all these principles appropriately, you are more likely to get following benefits;

  • You will get enough space to reduce the energy cost. In fact, you can even upgrade the older appliance to more energy-efficient models as it will reduce the energy consumption of your kitchen.
  • Adding more cabinet will extend and enhance the functionality of your kitchen. To get more space, you can even knock-down the wall between kitchen and living room so that it allow you add more counter space.
  • Undoubtedly, it will increase your comfort. For instance; if you add the ventilation, it’s will help reduce the heat and odors that cooking produces. Moreover, if you add the kitchen island, there would be more space for seating. Isn’t that great!

Have you ever happened to keep the kitchen design principles into consideration before heading on for kitchen remodeling? If not, just check out this article now.

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