4 indications your car tyre needs replacement

Just like every other product, car tyres too have a shelf life after which they need to be replaced for a safe ride. On the contrary, driving on worn out tyres prove catastrophic on the road because they can cause the vehicle to spin out of control and fatal accident. The same goes for tyres that lived their shelf life even if they aren’t worn. It’s important to continuously check safety of both the car and tyres especially during winter.

Indeed, having a spare do come in handy at times but it isn’t a permanent solution and the more you delay changing them, higher the chances of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere or worse, experience a road accident.

To know about car tyre replacement isn’t rocket science as they give tell-tale signs that it’s about time you bid them farewell. Here’s what you need to know!

  1. Reduced tread depth

When tyres lose their tread depth, this is one of the first indications of replacement. As we speak, it’s most unfortunate that many people have no concept of tyre tread let alone understand the tread depth measurement. A tyre’s tread depth must be maintained per the manufacturer’s recommendation or else it reduces grip and road traction, eventually compromising safe driving.

  1. Cracked sidewall

The day you notice cracks or other damages on the sidewall, start planning to purchase a new set of tyres no matter how expensive the existing ones are. Cracks on the sidewall are due to evaporation of oil and chemicals found in the rubber compound that so far kept the tyre intact. This vaporisation is a result of over exposure to the UV rays and it’s obvious of the rubber to lose its tightness after living its shelf life in full.

The sidewall cracks is a sign that tread is finally drying out and giving way. If you simply, ignore the fact and keep on driving with cracked sidewall, expect imminent blowout on the move or separation of the tread in middle of the journey. So this is another clear reason to your car tyre replacement.

  1. Blisters & splits

Upon discovering bulges, slits, holes and blisters on the Falken tire surface, it’s a sure way to know that the car tyre has seen its days. Fissures and cuts are dangerous because air escapes from the opening and thus causing the tyre to deflate naturally. Even if you’re unable to detect such leaks but have the feeling while on the road, waste no time and have a professional check for car tyre replacement.

  1. Shudder

On noticing excess vibration in the tyres while driving, it indicates balancing or wheel alignment issue. This shuddering pessimistically affects both the driver’s focus and other mechanism of the vehicle resulting in accident if overlooked. Do note that tyre vibration doesn’t always indicate replacement but the sooner you get it solved, the better.


Car tyre replacement is necessary once the wheels lived their life to the fullest so make sure you don’t play idle or else things may not be in favour of your vehicle as well as yourself.

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