Tommy Hilfiger Diaper Bags – A Dash of Flash

Tommy Hilfiger Diaper Bags

Tommy Hilfiger has provided a wonderful line of designer diaper bags that are stylish and still reasonably priced!

o more over-priced bags to get a designer name on your bag. Why pay hundreds for a designer diaper bag?

Tommy Hilfiger Diaper Bags come in five styles and each and every style features the well-known, world-renowned Tommy Hilfiger red, white and blue logo. (I don’t know why but that always makes me think of sailing and yachts!!)

With materials that are both sturdy and light weight, Tommy Hilfiger Diaper Bags are easy to carry, yet hold all those items you simply must have with you when you go out with your new baby.

I first came across Tommy Hilfiger Diaper bags when a friend of mine had a daughter. One of the presents she got on her “leaving” party from work was one of the Tommy Hilfiger Diaper bags. It looked really neat.

All the bags are made primarily of microfiber nylon material which is easy to keep clean, sturdy, and light weight. Most bags come in the famous Tommy Hilfiger navy blue, but one is featured in black on black and another comes in black or red with matching gingham accents.

The Tommy Hilfiger Diaper Bags are all made so that carrying them along with baby will not be a chore. They are compact in size, yet provide the space you need both inside and out with pockets and pouches to hold items you need in an organized manner. Most come with matching diaper changing mat made of the same easy to clean microfiber material.

The five Tommy Hilfiger Diaper Bag styles are:

Tommy Hilfiger Classic Baby Bottle Tote
This tote comes in red or black with gingham trim in matching color scheme. The lining is matching gingham, and the bag features a small tote round gingham tote that is detachable for small items, or when baby insists on carrying something “just like mommy or daddy”. Measuring 10 inches wide by 8 inches high, the bag is roomy and the twin black shoulder straps make for a stylish, roomy, practical bag.

Tommy Hilfiger Shopper Tote Diaper Bag
Black on black is every popular, and this bag will remain classic forever. Primarily black microfibre inside and out, there is leatherette trim on the bottom corners of the outside making the bag stand upright, and detail leatherette at the attachment points of both straps. Measuring 14 inches wide and 11 inches tall, with lots of pockets, and a matching changing pad, this is a wonderful stylish bag for all occasions.

Tommy Hilfiger Messenger Diaper Bag
Messenger style bags are very popular because of the easy of carrying the bag across the chest or back, just like New York City bicycle messengers. Stress is removed from the neck and shoulder and hands are free to care for baby. The signature Tommy navy blue with red and white piping provides a stylish unisex look. The large diaper changing pad complete this great Tommy bag.

Tommy Hilfiger Diaper Shopper
This 10 inch tall by 8 inch wide Tommy Hilfiger Diaper Shopper is just right for shopping outings with baby, or where ever you may need to go. In the signature Tommy navy blue with red and white piping, and matching changing pad, this roomy bag has lots of pockets for practicality.

Tommy Hilfiger Diaper Backpack
Best Diaper Bag Backpack make for hands free carrying of baby’s needs, and Tommy Hilfiger has designed a wonderful model in the backpack style. The bag comes in Tommy’s signature navy blue with red and white piping and a matching diaper changing pad. The ergonomic backpack style relieves the shoulders and neck of excess stress and strain. This bag, as all the Tommy line of diaper bags, makes a great affordable gift!

Take a look through the rest of the site where we try and detail the different Tommy Hilfiger diaper bags and their benefits. I love Tommy Hilfiger Diaper Bags and can’t recommend them highly enough. Designer styling at a sensible price and a diaper bag that works easily, just the way it should.

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