Reasons Why Patent Is Getting More Crucial Nowadays

PH Intellectual Property Office

Patent by definition according to PH Intellectual Property Office is an exclusive right granted for a process or improvement of a product that is new, inventive and useful. It provides the inventor the right to exclude others from making, using, or selling the outcome of his invention during the patent’s life.

One truth is that getting your invention patented won’t mean having the right to create an invention legally nor it would require making and selling an innovation.

Again, what it can do instead is provide you a right for stopping others from using the patented intellectual property without your permission.

If you have an invention and you’re looking forward to having it protected, then you must be thinking if patenting it is genuinely crucial. In that case, this article would help you a lot by giving out reasons for you to push forward your patent application.

Invention Security : 

If you have a brilliant idea you think would be undoubtedly valuable in a specific industry, then it’s only understandable that you don’t want it stolen from you. Ultimately, it’s critical to seek a patent so you can avoid such desolating experience.

Competition Prevention : 

In connection with our previous point, the primary reason why others would love to get your idea is that they want to benefit from it. Most probably, they will build a business thus competing from yours. What’s even worse is say you’re still saving up to finance and start over from these ideas; chances are upon recognizing your plan, they will use them before you do so. Well, that’s the reality of business. You can’t easily trust anyone, even your closest friend. Almost everyone today eyes success and unfortunately, others are willing to do unpleasant things to get ahead. Luckily, to prevent such from happening, you can reach the right people the moment a seemingly great idea pop up in your head. If you are to use the said idea in PH business, then I recommend contacting Aumento, a full-service intellectual property law firm that represents clients locally and internationally, for your patent attorney in the Philippines.

Market Share Acquisition : 

The goal here is to patent the idea/s that will possibly make a difference and will give a solution to a problem. This feature makes a certain product highly covetable in the marketplace. The relationship between marketability and patentability equip the basis for the most relevant patents— and that can have the greatest impact on market share.

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