Planning To Build The Perfect Deck?

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A wooden deck is a perfect project for any homeowner who wants to create a space that’s better than the backyard and nicer than just an ordinary patio. The right planning and help can take your project from a simple do-it-yourself to a full-on entertainment hub for all seasons. Though, for expert help, you can always seek guidance from (deck building services).


1 Decide where you want it.

The deck can be attached to your house or it can be free-standing. If you want the deck to be part of your outdoor living space, then attach it to one of the walls of your house; otherwise, consider building a freestanding deck. Decide which part of the yard you would like to turn into your deck area. You can even take into account any changes in elevation that will eliminate steps in the ground when planning where to set up a deck.

If you have chosen a freestanding deck, then choose a good location for it based on how much sunlight and rain exposure is expected in that area of your property.
If you plan to attach the deck to your house, then consider how it will look from certain angles and consider its impact on the overall aesthetics of your home. You can pick a location that is close or far from a particular wall of the house. Make sure that you also plan for possible changes in elevation because placing a deck right next to a short flight of stairs can look tacky.

2 Decide if you will have a walk-out deck, full basement deck, or a partial roof deck.
This is also another decision that can cause debate among homeowners. You should know that it’s not possible to have a platform on the side of your house without adding extra steps to get to it. Since you are planning an outdoor living area for your house, picking the right type of deck should be considered before you choose your location.

A full-house deck is one where the entire length of the house is covered with all materials necessary to create an outdoor space for entertaining and relaxing.
A walk-out type of deck, on the other hand, uses the ground level to create an outdoor living room that everyone in the family can enjoy. If you are planning to use your deck for entertaining purposes, then a walk-out type of deck is preferable.
If you are planning on building a partial roof deck near your house, then you can have a lot of fun with it because this type of deck does not have strict guidelines in design and maintenance.
You also have the option of building a full basement if your home has one so that you can build a full-house roof-style deck to enjoy the outdoors even more. For guidance, you can seek help from deck building services.

3 Choose your materials

The first step will be to decide on the type of wood you will use for your deck. You can choose materials such as sawn hardwood, pressure-treated wood, or cedar. If you are planning to build a deck with porches, then you should choose materials that are more durable and strong enough to withstand exposure to weather conditions.

You can also use composite decks such as cork and fiber-glass in your deck construction. These composite decks are much cheaper than traditional types of wooden decks but they still offer similar strength and durability when exposed to weather conditions. If you are building a pressure-treated deck, then it’s best to use more than one type of wood in the construction to make it harder for termites to penetrate your deck. You can even use concrete on some sections of your deck if you want additional support for the seating area. The choice of materials will depend largely on your budget and taste, but it is also influenced by the overall aesthetic appeal that you want to create in your deck. For professional help, you can get guidance from the best deck building services i.e. Bellevue Fencing.
Another consideration when choosing materials is whether or not they will be able to support additional accessories that you may want in your outdoor living space. This includes any furniture that you may want in your deck including stools, tables, chairs, and benches.
Start planning your deck with a general idea of what materials you want to use. Make sure that you can easily maintain them and make sure that they look good in your space. Consider the theme you want to present in designing your deck and make sure that the material options will complement it.
The overall look of your home and the outdoor space should be one cohesive design and picking materials for your deck takes this into consideration.

4 Plan how big it will be

Another major decision is choosing the size, shape, and placement of the decks on your property. You should keep in mind that these decisions depend largely on how large or small your yard is and where each type of deck will be positioned within it.
If you already know the size of your yard and the area that you will be using for your deck, then take into account any future changes that may alter its size. For example, if you plan to add a garage to the back of your home, then this will take up some space from your yard and allows more room for a deck. You should also consider the size of the deck based on how much entertaining or relaxing events you plan on doing in it. If you are planning for a large number of guests or using it solely to entertain friends and family in a party-like setting, then a larger-sized deck is preferable. If you are planning to use your deck as a place to relax and read outdoors, then the ideal size is one that allows for multiple guests without too much walking. The shape of your deck will also depend largely on the type of furniture you plan on placing there. Whether you want a rectangular shape or a more decorative design, it’s best to plan all of the components and materials used before starting construction. For professional help, you can consider getting guidance from the best deck building services i.e. Bellevue Fencing, and get the best help from them for the same.

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