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Network administrator’s work can be much easier by using these apps


November 08, 2019 12:55 PM

A system admin has many responsibilities like maintaining the network system, troubleshooting the cloud service and fixing the servers of an organization. There are a lot of tasks they have to manage and it is a tedious process. With mobile apps ruling the world, there are mobile apps that assist the network admin and webmasters to efficiently do their job.

The network apps assist the users to discover, connect and manage the computers, Windows share, network services, FTP servers, database and other things from the user’s tablet or mobile phones. Also the users can test the quality and connection speed of the mobile phones, control the systems remotely using the VNC, implement connectivity testing like- availability of the sites, traceroute, ping and port scanning. The users can use SSH and telnet to remotely access the routers and servers, identify the server location, perform WHOIS queries, get the details of the DNS servers and domain names.

Networking apps for the IT admins

With the mobile apps, the IT admins, tech support teams, network administrators can remotely access the systemmaking their work easier and faster. The users have to simply look up for the apps that enable them to tether their laptops to the mobile devices, monitors the servers or to access the desktop computers and the cool part is that- these great apps are available for free.

However, the users have to search for these networking apps in the authenticated channels to use them for the personal or business use because there are many fake apps available in the market that are similar to that of the legitimate ones.


This networking app is from the Lysesoft and is the best choice for those who are looking to connect to the FTP servers. This app has 3 special features that help in managing the FTP services, device file browsers and the FTP file browser. This app also supports the SFTP and FTPS with the SSH DSA or RSA keys and the users can share the files through the messages, email or Bluetooth, upload and download the files with the resume support technique, and it performs the basis admin functionalities like running custom commands and the updating, deleting and renaming permissions and change the file permission and create new folders.

The user can use the AndFTP app to repair the broken files that are stored in the backup server and restores it to the production server. They must create the server credentials to manage many servers and they will have to enter the login info like the username, pass code and host names. Once when the credentials are provided by the user, they can see the advanced connection options like the SSH key. The app allows the user to sync with Dropbox and they can share files faster and instantly based on the permission.


This is the cross platform networking tool from Overlook that gives the full picture of the services and other devices running on the user’s network. Some of the unique features of the app are the ability to create third party applications for the protocols that include SAMBA, Telnet, SSH and FTP; vendor gathering, DNS lookup, TCP port scanning, MAC address and network discovery capabilities. The app has the basis ping toolthat enable to check the reach-ability of the host on the particular network by calculating the time it takes to reach the host and return to its destination.

The user can ping in quick sessions or run multiple scans and produce the results in different formats like the HTML tables, plain texts or CSV logs. The pro version of the Fing app supports the folder synchronization and the SCP (secure copy protocol).


The users who are working on administering and connecting the Cisco systems, or the UNIX/ Linux systems can use this network app from the Kenny Root and Jeffrey Sharkey. The app uses the SSH protocol to establish a connection between the devices in the network and supports the local and telnet connection. The remote access administration in the UNIX or other networks can be efficiently done using this network app.

The user can copy and paste between the applications and other sessions and also import or generate the keys and run multiple SSH sessions, but the only disadvantage of the app is that it cannot be used in the landscape mode and if they use the virtual keyboard because it covers the entire screen. However, the situation was addressed by the developers of the app and they have released the Force Resize command that will help the app to fit over the virtual app.

Wi-Fi Analyzer

Most of the time, people have trouble with the wireless network connection. They can use the Wi-Fi Analyzer app that helps users to run the access points and the wireless routers. Using this app the user can find out the properties of the wireless signal strength around them and it displays the availability of the channels in the graphical representation so that the users can see the crowded and less crowded location and change accordingly.

The app can be used while configuring the access points, network auditing, site survey and during the wireless troubleshooting.

The app displays the info about the wireless connection like the IP, MAC address, the SSID, the channel, the encryption and the signal details through the text readouts and graphical bar. The channel graph gives the live update of the signal usage by the nearest access point and the time graph gives the same details along with the time period. With the info provided in the app, the user can identify a correct channel to place the AP and also view the signal strength.

Astro File Manager

The users can create a network location with the help of the Wireless connection and the Astro File manager app through the SMB on the system. This app is used to manage the applications and files that are dumped on the user’s mobile device and has a folder view of the mobile phone that includes the contents of the root system and the folders for the third party apps.

Using this network app, the users can check for the file permissions and copy, rename, move, view or delete the files. The app is from the Metago.

The app is designed with a toolbar that aids in easy navigation into the folders for bookmarking, editing, searching. The users can use this app to control and track the all the files shared in the network system by setting up a network location using the SMB and view the permissions and details of the files. The main features of the app are that it sends the files as attachments, kills the task and creates and stores the app backups.

With this network administer apps the network administrator and the tech support team can be at ease because of the multi tasking and utility tools offered by these applications. The users can use these apps from anywhere, either from home or from work and access the desktop functionalities using their mobile device. Moreover, these apps are found in the authenticated application stores from where the users can download the app.

The application that might fit one person might not be the other person’s choice, so before downloading the app from the app store the user must analyze their requirements and choose the best app that suits their device.