Everything You Need To Know About Aluminium Sliding Doors

With the growing demand for thinner doors and advanced runners, aluminum sliding doors are becoming the top choice of homeowners. Whether you are building a new home or want to upgrade your doors, the aluminum sliding doors can be the best choice.

There are many advantages and reasons for which aluminum sliding doors are becoming the first choice of homeowners. They are also ideal for offices as they take less space than other types of doors. That is why many businesses prefer them for installation in their offices. Let us explore more about aluminum sliding doors in this post.

Why choose aluminum sliding doors?



Homeowners choose aluminum sliding doors as they are better then bifold and other types that subdivide the glass and require stacking space. Also, sliding doors are far more accessible and neater to open than standard doors. The low requirement of space, high energy efficiency, and vast color options are some reasons for which people choose to install aluminum sliding doors.

They take less space

 Aluminum sliding doors require less space for opening and closing. They use almost ten times less space than other doors. You can install two to six panels of aluminum sliding doors, depending on the coverage requirements.

Energy efficient

As the panels of aluminum sliding doors fit closely and open for less time than other doors, they improve the energy efficiency of homes. All sliding doors designed for outdoor use are thermally broken.  Thermally broken means isolated frames that protect aluminum from cold spots and make aluminum sliding doors entirely warmer.

Sliding doors often meet or exceed the criteria of the existing Building Regulations. To improve energy efficiency further, homeowners can choose double glazed glass that offers excellent insulation. Installing aluminum sliding doors with double glazing glass can keep your energy bills significantly low.

Available in multiple colors

Aluminum sliding doors are available in a variety of colors. You can also install uncolored doors and powder-coat them with the color of your choice. Also, the powder coat lasts longer than paint, and you don’t need to redo it for years. It reduces maintenance costs significantly. Black and dark grey are the standard colors that look fantastic and improve the aesthetic appeal of your doors.

Clear Outdoor view



Aluminum sliding doors have glass that makes them ideal to use as patio doors and doors adjacent to a garden. They provide a clear view of your gardens and outdoors to bring the nature inside. You can enjoy a clear picture of your outdoors sitting inside your home, especially in the winters, as you can open the curtains.

Easy and Low maintenance

Aluminum is known to withstand harsh weather conditions, and the maintenance is also low. You can easily clean the frames with a mild soap or cleaning solution. It is best to use a cleaning solution specially made for aluminum as there is no risk of corrosion. You need to clean the tracks and add lubricating oil or grease once a year for the smooth operation of the doors. Cleaning and maintaining the aluminum sliding doors make them serve you better and offer them a long life.

Security of your property

Aluminum sliding doors are tested for security and protection of the properties where they are used. Most of them come with a multi-point locking mechanism and anti-lift features. If you want to enhance the security, you can consider installing laminated safety glass on your doors.

They can also be used as entry doors and patio doors provided that you have secure fencing of your house and other security measures installed. It is best to have double doors on the entrance and as patio doors that open to the outdoors for security.

Fewer panel requirements

Where previous sliding doors for wide door openings had to be multiple panels, fewer panels are now possible. For a typical opening, old patio doors needed four panels, while new doors need only two sliding panels.

Modern sliding door flexibility means that multiple tracks offer more options for opening than before.  With a double or triple track, the panels can slide to the left or right and stack on one side.  You benefit from a clearer opening than before, particularly on a sliding door with three panels.

But even if for a small opening you need a patio door, they are perfect.  A sliding door offers you more profiles of glass and thinner than French doors or double doors.


The aluminum sliding doors are quite affordable as compared to other options like wood, timber, and steel. They are an affordable solution for domestic and commercial properties. Aluminum is stronger than PVC and wood; therefore offers a long life to your doors. Therefore, aluminum sliding doors are an ideal and cost-effective option for homes and businesses.

Design Flexibility



Some people prefer single or double glass panels in their doors, while others prefer multiple panels. Some homeowners prefer single thick glass, and some may prefer double glazing glass. Both of them can be used in aluminum doors. As aluminum is a strong and flexible metal, it offers you to create the design of any type. You can get customized designs for your aluminum sliding doors with the help of a professional service provider. Aluminum offers you unlimited customization options for your sliding doors.

Aluminum is recyclable

Aluminum is a completely recyclable and environmentally sustainable material. It is one of the most recycled materials in the world. The recycling process also needs low energy, which makes it pretty convenient and affordable.

Final words

Aluminum is one of the best and most preferred materials for doors and windows. It is stronger and has a longer life than many other materials available in the market. Moreover, the sliding mechanism offers smooth and convenient operation for users.

Businesses in Sydney also use them as external sliding doors Sydney. The low cost, durability, and customization options are the key benefits for which homeowners and businesses prefer aluminum sliding doors for homes and offices.