Different types of Best Sushi Knives in the World

February 01, 2019 10:31 PM

Nowhere in food is prepared there as much consideration put into the art of the actual dish than with Sushi.  From delicate paper-thin cuts to intricate designs, the key to great sushi preparation is patience, skill, practice and the best sushi knife.

Traditional sushi knives are called Sashimi knives and come in all shapes and sizes.  A high-end Sashimi knife literally is passed down from generation to generation thanks to their cost and value to the family.  Although it’s possible to buy a best sushi knife for relatively little – in this article, we are going to focus on the some of the highest rated knives that are available online for ordering. These are the types of sushi knives you are not going to find at Walmart or your local shopping mall and are literally works of handcrafted art.

Typically the base preparation of sushi is created with a variety of chef knives – but the final dish is the work of the best sashimi blade. Here is a list of popular styles of best sushi knives…

Yankagiba Knife: This is a standard type of best sashimi knives used for cutting rolls and other general tasks.

Deba Knife: A hard edged blade that works much like a clever and is used for cutting through bone and cartilage.

Usaba Knife: Looks like a clever style knife but have a razor sharp edge and a textured blade side so vegetables don’t stick to the blade. A common variation of the Usuba Knife is the Kanto knives which have a square tip.

Santoku Knife: The Japanese equivalent of the North American sushi chef knife.

Selecting a Best Quality Sushi Knife

The most important element of any knife is its blade – but in the case of a best sushi knife, the quality of that blade is critical to achieving the desired result.

When it comes to the blade of the good sushi knife, it’s made from a variation of a single high-grade steel – something the Japanese call Honyaki or from a combination of materials which is called Kasumi. Modern Kasumi knives are typically made with stainless steel and although hold their edge longer – are difficult to sharpen to their original 16-degree edge. You will find that most high-end quality sushi knives are made from the Honyaki method – often of blue steel and although require a greater degree of care to prevent rusting – they will last a lifetime.

The Best Yanagiba Sushi Knives in the World

The following are some of the of the best sushi knives on the planet and are available online through Amazon.

  1. Yoshihiro High Carbon Blue Steel1 Dragon Namiuchi Yanagi Kiritsuke Sashimi Sushi Japanese Chef's Knife

Dare to dream – but get out your wallet for this handcrafted sushi masterpiece.   This Japanese sushi knife is as much an heirloom as a find craftsman tool. This sushi chef knife is a handmade Blue1 High Carbon Steel limited edition Hontanren Yamauchi by Kuniyoshi knife manufacturers and there is the only one available in the world for sale – this one.  Don’t blame us if it’s gone when you click to see if it is still available on Amazon. Yoshihiro High Carbon Blue Steel1 Dragon Namiuchi Yanagi Kiritsuke Sashimi Sushi Japanese Chef's Knife is a most expensive Japanese sushi knife in the world. Rust eraser, knife oil, and traditional Magnolia wood made knife saya included. Hands wash the only way and sharpen on a premium quality whetstone.

  1. Yoshihiro Shiroko High Carbon Steel Kasumi Yanagi Shitan Handle Sushi Sashimi Chef's Knife 11.8knife

The Yoshiro Sashimi knife is a seeming bargain compared to the limited edition knife in our number one spot.  This Kasumi Yanagi knife is made of shiroko white high carbon steel with a single-edged 11.7″ blade. The knife comes with a handcrafted Shitan Rosewood bolster and has a hardness rating of 63 on the Rockwell C Scale. This is the best sushi knife for the money. Simple but aristocrat craftsmanship with a handmade Rosewood Japanese D-formed handle and Shitan reinforce for a lightweight and well-balanced structure.

Made of Japanese White High Carbon Steel #2 ( HRC 62-63) and the steel will grow to be very sharp with a quality whetstone sharpening. This sushi blade can be rusted if you don't care it properly that is why I am recommending it only those who are professional in sushi making kitchen. Low price shush knife for mid and pro level chefs. This Yoshihiro Shiroko High Carbon Steel Kasumi Yanagi Shitan Handle Sushi Sashimi Chef's Knife comes prepared to apply out of the pack as well as 100% handmade from Japan. It is not mass produced.

  1. Yoshihiro R-2 Powdered Japanese Stainless Steel Yanagi Sashimi Chef’s Knife 10.5 Inchknife

The Yanagi sushi knife is an extended slicing sushi chef knife designed to cut slim slices of fish for tasty sushi meal and sashimi whilst maintain their truthfulness and freshness. Yoshihiro R-2 Powdered Stainless Steel Yanagi Sashimi Chef’s Knife is a handmade sushi knife by 15 years skilled craftsman in Japan and hands clean with the soft purifier. Perfect for sushi chefs running in a fast-paced fast order kitchen those who have a short time for regular take care.

Because of, Yoshihiro R-2 Stainless Steel core has the extreme hardness (HRC 64-65),  for sharpening for a long use. Due to its traditional samurai stainless steel, it features excellent edge retention, and R-2 Stainless Steel core has small rust resistance ideal for greatly comfortable sharpening rather than carbon steel. Featured with lacquer finished wooden Saya Cover that ensures protection from unnecessary stain, odor, and chipping.

Final Verdict

If you have a best Japanese sushi knife why don’t you write a review and tell us about its strong points and weak points? What do you love about your best knife for cutting sushi? And what do you wish was different?