All about “Original Equipment” & what it means for car tyres

So you’re one of those drivers who take the tyres for granted and pay less attention to the best fit. It’s unfortunate most of the motorists don’t regularly check the tyres if they’re performing per the safety standards and returning efficiency. The only time we care to look at the tyres is when the inevitable happens right in the middle of the track.

When shopping for new tyres, motorists are confused with various choices that at times can become overwhelming. Tyres range dramatically per the price whereas industry regulations and jargons describing them make it tricky to understand the product you get in return for the investment.

If you wish fitting the car with Goodyear tyres in Dubai, chances are high that these are Original Equipment (OE). These are just the tyres that come fitted with the vehicle at the time of purchase. Let’s explore deeper for clear understanding.

About Original Equipment (OE)

OE tyres are carefully selected by the manufacturer per the vehicle and befitted with these when shipped in the showroom or initial sales point. These tyres are tested by manufacturers thus ensuring performance per the safety and industry compliant standards.

To be bestowed with OE status is a tribute to premium tyre manufacturers like Goodyear tyres in Dubai that have all it takes to compete on industry standards. Due to the immense competition, producers are always finding new and innovative ways for improving the quality and performance making the most of advanced technology.

Benefit of Original Equipment for your car

The intense process, carefulness and precision invested in development of the Original Equipment takes more or less two-to-four years till complete. To design a tyre which fits perfectly to uniqueness of a particular car is lengthy and challenging process with more than a hundred features to consider altogether. These ‘key features’ are determined after the vehicle makers determine the type of car they’re developing and the purpose it’ll serve.

It isn’t surprising of the different cars to demand distinct tyre features per their driving capability and long-term use. Take for instance a normal family vehicle and a fierce sports car; it’s obvious of the both to have different tyres affecting the road comfort and fuel efficiency. Safety is highly prioritised when designing Original Equipment along with many different factors the vehicle is made to serve on the road.

Good reasons of switching to OE

With so many reasons listed above, the three good ones for you to consider switching to OE tyres are;

  • Continue to bring the best performance out of the car
  • Safety is never compromised
  • Tailored especially per the vehicle’s make and model

Are your tyres OE?

Tyre sidewalls bear a lot of details which can be confusing which means you should know how to decipher this information and understand the type of tyres your car would need. Brand name is the most obvious followed by size and other technical details.

It must be noted that every car coming out of the factory isn’t fitted with the Original Equipment so you need to carefully check the details or have a professional to inspect it.

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