5 Smart Shopping Tactics To Save Yourself Against Fraud

smart shopping

Do you love shopping? Whether you buy your favorite goods online or love going into trips for store hunting, you should equip yourself with the right knowledge to protect yourself from scams and fraud. Check out these tips to be able to shop carefree and safely:

1. Search First Before You Purchase

Before you buy you the product, you should always check its name or the name of the store itself first online. Simply typing the product name, for example, will give you tons of information and reviews about the product. You can look for keywords like reviews, fraud, complaint or scam to help you with the process.

Check if people made comments of complaint about the product or the store. First-hand information from the people who tried it themselves is the most relevant bit of information you can get.

2. Consider How You Pay

Using a credit card with fraud protection built in is advisable when making transactions. This way you know where to file your complaint if ever something bad happens with the transaction. As much as possible avoid wiring money through money transfer channel for it is hard or even impossible to get your money back with this type of payment option if something goes wrong.

Legitimate companies and shops won’t require you to use this kind of payment option.

3. Be Vigilant For Impostors

People who want to scam you always pretend to be someone you can trust. They can pretend to be a family member, a part of a charitable institution or even a government official. Remember that you can always confirm a person’s identity first before trusting. There is no harm in trusting your instincts.

Mind you that you are going to use your hard earned money for making this purchase so a few minutes of confirmation won’t hurt compared to the amount it may cost you.

4. Check Statements

Always monitor your statement. Nowadays it is very easy to check your statements online, and you won’t need to wait for the monthly statement to come. Learn to spot fraudulent charges and when you do see one pick up the phone to fix the problem quickly. Remember you have 30 days to tell your bank or card provider of an issue with your statement.

5. Protect Your Privacy

The company where you buy your items always collects information about you when you purchase. They would ask for your name, age, birthday and also your address if the item needs to be shipped. In real light, these websites can also get extra information like the product you bought and even the website where you came from before going to their site. This is the power of technology.

The bad thing is, the law doesn’t protect the information these sellers got from you when you shop at their sites, meaning they can always sell this information to almost anyone who wants to. Who were not forced to give the information to them anyway. That is the reason you receive marketing emails in your inbox. You may wonder how these companies got your email, well this is the answer.


Use familiar websites while shopping online instead of going to the unfamiliar ones. You will always have a popular website for your need. You have amazon.com and even websites of companies like walmart, target, best buy and more. With these companies you know you can shop in peace without worrying about scammers and fraud transactions.

These are just some of the tips to get you going on your shopping. Remember that crooks use different schemes each year to get people to send money and information for products that in not worth it at all. Remember to be vigilant, use these tips and show away!


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