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Exemplary Platforms Flourishing Mobile Apps


November 08, 2019 12:16 PM

It’s really hard to impress a costumer as far as mobile applications are concerned. People’s wants over the enhancement of applications is never ending. If one want is satisfied the other crops up eventually. So, the developers have to think over and over to captivate their customers and sustain their reputation. The major fact is about 80 percent of population around the world use smart phones. We eventually changed our life, spending more time with our smart phones. As days pass by, the want of enhancing its feature has disseminated among all of us.

For this reason the developers had to have higher brainstorming and come up with better ideas and concepts to satisfy the end users wants. The information technology industry has span a lot of time thinking over better platforms which make betterment in the performance of their newly launched applications. The industry now thrives every possible way of bringing it up through this application.

Based on the higher usage of smart phones among the people every organization plans to start an application of its own. Developing an application is not as easy as it sounds, the developer has to develop it from the scratch and it would take a lot of time. But now it seems to be pretty competitive where the application has to reach a huge number of masses because there are millions and millions of applications being developed and listed at the Application Recourse Center (ARC).

Now the application is ready, but the question arises that which platform would make our application run better than others. Choosing the right platform is also an essential part, because the platform is what’s responsible for the application to work efficiently. It is also the operating system which makes the application run faster and better. The platform should be versatile and could support all media and files.

Now let’s get into a brief discussion of the best platforms suitable for upcoming and existing mobile applications. is one of the most versatile platforms ever, which would support applications which can run on iOS, Android and also on Windows OS. It is basically a cloud based platform. The cloud can be either a private cloud or a public cloud, depending upon the user’s contentment and can run the application in the cloud. The platform consists of various build-in structures enabling its user to more ease and comfort.

There is an added feature in the platform which endows its user to add some more elements to it using a plug-in database. The demonstration of this feature is available and it’s free of cost. The version with such enhancement is available at the store provided the user has to pay $180 to afford it.

This application runs as low-code development software and it’s said to one among the leading platforms, providing complete security to its users. It’s designed with such a strong backend support and significant front end design.

Mobile Roadie

Mobile roadie is an application builder which is based on location, as in the features of this application is done by location data. This application is a well known Geo based application enabled about 50 million users to download about 500 applications.

The application builder allows its developers to develop their application using a variable number of software tools such as XML, HTML, JSON etc. The application is found to be easy and simple, allowing automatic updating of blogs, status and other attributes affiliated with social networking sites.

Another primal feature of  this application is, the developer can have an outlook or a preview of how the application really looks like and also check over the quality of content to justify himself at the first place whether the viewers would like it or not. For all these the developer is gotta do a very simple thing, he will have to put the code into the platform and then extract it. This is a paid application builder costing up to $120 monthly.




This is one of the most intensely user friendly platforms for application builders. The reason why is, there is absolutely no coding skills required for the development of application from this platform. The developer is gotta to do nothing but drag and drop the elements into the platform. It has an option called CMS short for Content Management System, which is supporting multiple content sources and enables the developer to synchronize the database through the platform’s API.

Shoutem has built in push notification dispatchers and it takes a note on the user’s activity and their management frequently. It also contains powerful tools such as monetization and allows it user with preview before publishing options. The content from Facebook and other sites can also be integrated using this platform.

Shoutem introduces a new enhancement to it called Shoutem Loyalty, which aids the developer to retain its customers and increase the revenue consistently. The program is said to be an ultimate marketing channel consisting tool which makes the customer to retain for prolonged time. It also delights its customer with rewards based on their spending and shares special deals with coupon codes which might redeem on their next visit. Shoutem is gotta be the most affordable app builder since it charges around $20 per month and $120 for unlimited services. It’s up to the user’s convenience to opt for either basic service or the unlimited one.


As of its name the platform is also closely related to business executives who wish to start an application for their trade. Bizness is outstandingly the best application maker exclusive for merchandisers who trade their product through online. This platform is pretty effective for business, people but for a restriction it is a paid platform, whose expense is quiet larger (around $59 per month) than the other business app builders. But on one promising factor, the app maker is worth the pay. There is a lot of notable business which went profitable through Bizness.

Bizness helps its user by providing a customized option; the developer has to just choose between the already built in designs. The application builder makes it simple but significant. The only thing the developer has to do is, he’s gotta be pretty cautious about how much money the developed application is going yield? This is for a reason, because the investor must bring out more of the profits than the money he invested.


This platform is a widely used app builder for those who does small business through online. AppInstitute is currently a powerful platform which renders innovative and effective performance of startup companies of recent times. It enables to run the developed apps quickly without a single line of code and also has the feature of online chatting. The most inviting ideas of it are its absolutely free until the application is published completely. It allows the developer to preview their application before publishing and renders the developers to publish their application without any commotions.


Competition in business grows along with the growth of our technology. As we know the magnitude of our technology growth, which is drastic and gigantic. The only way to outdo our rivals is stay consistent and the ideas have to upgrade the profitability. New and innovative ideas are always welcome, but sometimes bringing up with a similar idea of successful applications are also being accepted, provided it has to be unique in some way or the other and not to be an exact carbon copy of the earlier innovations. And the story doesn’t end just there! It is vital and primal to choose the right platform for our application. The above mentioned platforms seem to do good business and a significant performance as far as now. Using them in a right way might bring in better outcomes to them.